Travel Info

It is not necessary to obtain a Visa prior to traveling. The forms will be given on the plane. The maximum period of stay granted to visitors is 183 days (cannot be extended).

You can fly to Cusco via Lima with LAN or Avianca airlines
from most major US airports.

Alternatively, you can fly to Lima with any major international airline and take a local flight to Cusco. There are departures every hour from Lima to Cusco with LAN, Peruvian Air Line, Avianca, Star Peru and Hahn Air System.

From Cusco, you can take a taxi to Pisac. Most drivers know the Nidra Wasi Center. If they don’t, once you get to Pisac you can simply get out at the village center and take a motorized rickshaw from there.

The taxi ride from the airport to Pisac will be around 30-60 soles. (About $10-20 US Dollars- Click here for currency exchange rates.)

The quickest and cheapest way to Pisac is to take a ‘colectivo’ from Puputi Street (3-4 soles). For this option, take a taxi from the airport to Puputi Street (10 soles).

Nidra Wasi Center is located at La Rinconada S/N in Pisac.

US$1 = S/.3.35 (Peruvian Nuevo Sol)

The peak of our retreat will be Peru's winter solstice. With few exceptions, it is summer weather during the day in the Sacred Valley this time of year. It can be cold however, especially at night and in the early morning. Temperatures in Pisac during the month of June range from low 30s to high 60s F.


You may want to consider getting traveler’s insurance just in case of any unforeseen events while traveling. You may compare plans at