In the weeks and months leading up to our gathering in the Sacred Valley of the Andes mountains, there are some small efforts we can all make to prepare. In order to receive the most benefit from the whole retreat experience, we want to be in the best possible shape physically, emotionally, and mentally. If you have experience with meditation or mindfulness, we suggest you engage in this practice increasingly. If not, we suggest reading this on-line book.
There are some simple practices and guidelines here that we have found are the most helpful for beginners. It's good to increase your yoga practice as well. If you are new to yoga asana, this is no problem, but you will want to start taking one or two gentle beginner classes per week when possible. Increasing cardio activity will help you more quickly adjust to high altitude. If you are not a runner or a gym rat, simply walking 5-10 minutes per day will be a big help.
Perhaps the most crucial aspect of preparation is being more
aware of the energy, in all of its forms, that you take in. We suggest cutting down on or eliminating the following: alcohol, caffeine, cannabis, other recreational substances, violent film/TV/video games, time and attention on social media, news, high drama, social conflict, toxic interaction, loveless sexual activity, animal based food, processed, prepackaged, and inorganic food, fried food, and sugar.
If you are a daily consumer of caffeine, we suggest switching to healthier green tea in the weeks before the gathering. We will offer this green tea during the retreat for those who want it, but the caffeine content is very low compared to coffee or black tea. We have found it is better for most caffeine enthusiasts to gradually lower the intake before hand, so as to not have to experience withdrawal during the retreat.
These are not rules but simply suggestions to receive a little more from your journey with us.